Introducing the MyAccount Payment Portal, the Simple and Smart Way to Stay on Top of your Debt

Introducing the MyAccount Payment Portal, the Simple and Smart Way to Stay on Top of your Debt

Our debt solutions can help move you forward.

Our commitment to our customers remains unwavering.

As we navigate our way through the personal and economic impacts of COVID-19, we want to reaffirm our commitment to you has not changed.

We have had and always have flexible solutions to help support you. We understand what you are going through and we have a team who are committed to helping you find solutions so that you can meet your financial obligations. By working together, we can find the right solution you need to manage your debt.

If you're impacted, let us know.

With COVID-19 top of mind, we wanted to let you know that Canaccede and our partner agencies are here to help you if you need. If you are impacted by COVID-19, we have affordable options based on your situation.

We are here to help, reach out to us at 1-888-316-2369 or send us an email to

Who we are

At Canaccede we understand that every financial situation is a little different. We will work with you to offer solutions that fit yours. Our business is built on core values on integrity and respect and our team and our partners are here to support you.

Helping you manage your debt

Smart solutions to help you better manage your debt and gain more financial stability.

We do the right thing

We were founded in 2008 based on the principles of listening, identifying solutions and “doing the right thing”

We are here to support you

Last year alone, we were able to help hundreds of thousands of our customers find solutions to resolve the debt.

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